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Production of F1 hybrid rice seeds

F1 hybrid varieties ensure high uniformity of the product, give high yields due to heterosis, allow the rapid combination of different traits, and provide a natural protection of breeders’ right. 急な出費があった時に限ってまた大事な用事が入ってきたりしますよね。そんな時って皆さんどうしていますか?お金がないからといって諦めてしまうか、親に借りるかなんかが普通かもしれません。でも今すぐお金を借りたいという時に都合よく誰かがお金を貸してくれる可能性は高くはありません。そんな時はカードローンを利用してみましょうね!The production of hybrid varieties requires homozygous inbred parental lines and reversible male sterility. The complete homozygosity of parental lines ensures uniformity of the F1 hybrid crops, while male sterility facilitate the large-scale hybrid seed production without emasculation.  The aim of the HybTech research is to use molecular approach to bring the reversible male sterility and doubled haploid technology to practice in a wide range of species.

  This research is coordinated by Dr. Chun-Ming Liu at the Plant Research International, Netherlands.



This project is carried out with the financial support from the Commission of the European Communities (contract N° QLK5-CT-2000-00902), Directorate-General Research - Quality of Life and Management of Living Resources Programme

bulletThis web-page does not necessarily reflect the Commission's views and in no way anticipates its future policy in this area. Its content is the sole responsibility of the publishers

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bulletPaper alert: Francois Guerineau, Anna-Marie Sorensen, Nick Fenby, Rod. J. Scott (2003) Temperature sensitive diphtheria toxin confers conditional male-sterility in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Biotechnology Journal 1:33-42.  Click to get the pdf.
bulletFor those who would like to attend the workshop on "EMBRYOGENESIS AND DEVELOPMENT REGULATION IN PLANTS", please register now!  There are also chances for students to attend the meeting with lower costs.  For details, visit Italian Biotechnology Foundation site.
bulletNewly released (Nov. 8, 2002) EU calls (draft) in Key Action 5: Food Quality and Safety and Key Action 6: Global Changes and Ecosystem
bulletAs decided in the Vienna, a workshop on "EMBRYOGENESIS AND DEVELOPMENT REGULATION IN PLANTS" will be organized during the second year meeting in Turino (Italy). Date: 6-7 March 2003; Location: Villa Gualino, Torino (Italy).  The Italian Biotechnology Foundation has provided a strong support to  this initiative.  A group of speaker have been selected.  For detailed information about the workshop, please click...  
bulletThe is now available.  Please distribute this link to those who might be interested.  Of course only partners within the consortium and the EU desk officer have the right to access the "partner page".    
bulletThe HybTech website is available through PRI sever for trial.  Please report to C.M. Liu if you encounter any problem.  The "web comments" and "discussion" is not working at the moment.
bulletP1 sent today 1 construct to P6 and 2 constructs to P2 and P3.
bulletThe first-year progress report has been sent to Brussels.  One hard copy of the report has also been sent to all partners.
bulletThe first version of the HybTech Website was sent to all partners for evaluation (mainly the "public domain").  Any comments should be back on June 28, 2002.
bulletWe applied the domain name of  As soon as the information is agreed by partners, we will make it available.
bulletFor the dissemination of the HybTech research, a workshop under the title of "Embryogenesis and developmental regulation in plants" will be organized in Turin, Italy, together with the Italian Biotechnology Foundation.  Contact Dr. Chun-Ming Liu or Dr. Elisabetta Lupotto [] for detail information.

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